Organize your ideas in the most creative way with this visual workspace, now only $60

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Being organized comes easy for some people. But when it comes to keeping our projects in order—both professional and personal—most of us need a little help. If that's the case for you, there's an incredible subscription service that can keep everything sorted and manageable. Meet xTiles, a top-rated workplace organizer that allows you to easily visualize your workflow, projects, and ideas.

Best of all, a subscription to the xTiles personal pro plan is now on sale. Typically $300, it's now available for only $59.99. You won't find a better price on the web for this service.

Here's how xTiles works. The service encourages you to keep track of your schedule, projects, and your basic ideas through visual tools. You can create your own personal layout using a variety of xTiles' eye-pleasing templates to manage everything. Add text blocks, pictures, videos, files, links, and almost anything else you need while you work through a project. We also love that you can mix and match the tile blocks to help spur your creativity on and build connections as you sort through your brainstorming process.

xTiles is also handy if you're working on a project with other people. You can collaborate and build off ideas by sharing notes, links, and media in just a second. Real-time collaboration is possible with xTiles too, so you can easily like, comment, and even mention teammates on shared docs. And, you can fully access your notes securely through mobile and desktop apps. Collaborate and jot down ideas anywhere you go.

You'll find work is easier than ever when using xTiles. It's been awarded #1 Product of the Week and Day by Product Hunt, and even boasts over 80 5-star reviews from satisfied users. Lidia Vijga, the co-founder and CEO at DeckLinks, wrote, "xTiles is my happy place where I can plan and organize all my social media content for the upcoming weeks. I feel like anything is possible when you plan with xTiles."

Change the way you manage your life and work with an innovative visual organizer. Grab a subscription to xTiles Personal Pro now for just $59.99 (reg. $300). This is the best price you'll find on the web!

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