Canadian man's official government health file described him as "redneck hick"

Robert Munro, 37, of Merritt, British Columbia, injured his back at work while moving furniture. He filed a claim with the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia (WorkSafeBC) and began physiotherapy. When reviewing his official government though, Munro noticed that he was described as a "redneck hick to death" and "uneducated massive redneck pussy" who was "playing the system." If he were in the United States, those diagnoses would certainly not be covered by any health plan. From CBC:

"The [physiotherapist] was really nice right up front," Munro told Daybreak Kamloops guest host Doug Herbert. 

Munro reported it to his WorkSafe case manager. A complaint was then filed with the Interior Health Authority.

Interior Health has confirmed Munro's complaint and said it is currently under investigation. 

Reminds me of this: