Meet Bavario, the Bavarian Mario

I love street art of all kinds, and one of my favorite things to do is take photos of street art when I visit cities around the world. I was recently in Munich and, I gotta say, their street art scene is tops! I spotted this awesome sticker of "Bavario," a charming lederhosen-and-Tyrolean-hat-clad Bavarian version of Mario. I couldn't find out much about the artist other than that they live in Munich, go by "Super Bavario," and have an Instagram where they post images of Bavario spottings from around the world. They also have a website where they sell t-shirts and stickers–but, sadly, they don't ship to the United States.  

And by sheer coincidence (or cool synchronicity), I spotted this cute little Bavario on March 10, which is also known in Mario fandom as Mario Day!