Marvel allegedly can't stop tinkering with the Blade reboot script

If we're honest, there's absolutely no reason the Marvel cinematic universe should be working on a Blade reboot. Prior to exploding into the mainstream with his debut film back in 1998, Blade was one of Marvel's most obscure characters. Sure, that claim gets thrown around a great deal post-MCU, but before Wesley Snipes brought his trademark charisma to the character, Blade arguably fit the description of a forgettable character better than anyone. However, once the R-rated version of Blade hit theaters, the Daywalker became the epitome of 90s cool. 

Cut to today, and Disney- the most family-friendly company imaginable- has decided that they're going to produce a new Blade film. You know, the franchise based on the character that didn't have an identity until his gory 90s flick? Unsurprisingly, Disney is having a rough time trying to make their Blade film work within the confines of the MCU. Last year, rumors began flying that the film's star Mahershala Ali was upset with the film's script. And shortly after that, the film's director exited the project. Now, according to, the revised script is drastically reducing the role of Kit Harington's Black Knight, who was initially penciled in to be a major guest star.

It's looking like Dane Whitman—the Avenger better known as Black Knight—might have a reduced role in at least one upcoming Marvel project. New reports suggest a sizable role in Blade once belonged to Kit Harington's character first introduced in Eternals. Now after a round of rewrites or two, it looks like Whitman and the Ebony Blade may have little to no role in the film now.

"Someone reached out to say that with Blade, things have gotten a little bit better," Above the Line's Jeff Sneider said on a recent episode of The Hot Mic (via The Direct). "Things have shaped up, the script is leaner and meaner and they cut out the fat, but the script I heard about was like 87 pages, like there wasn't enough and they'd shaved it to the bone."

He added, "What they'd cut out I heard is that Blade was gonna tie-in with Eternals and Kit Harrington's Black Knight. Black Knight's not really involved in the Blade thing anymore. They may be recasting a few parts including maybe the daughter, was there like a 14-year-old girl? They may recast that."