Listen to Chris Judge explain how God of War's Kratos has changed over the years

The modern God of War franchise is nothing like its previous incarnation. Although both iterations of the game feature Kratos as the series' ruthless protagonist, the original version of God of War was definitely a product of its time. In the first three games, the God of War franchise had a cartoonish level of sex and gore, complemented by a gleeful sense of malice that served as the backbone for the game's twisted tone. When God of War was relaunched for the PlayStation 4, the series completely overhauled its lead character and the game's distinctive style. 

The new Kratos, now voiced by science fiction legend Christopher Judge as opposed to TC Carson, has arguably become the definitive version of the character for new and old gamers alike. In the video linked above, Christopher Judge explains how God of War and its brutal protagonist Kratos have changed as how the series as a whole has evolved.