How does The Thing take care of his "business?"

When the Marvel universe as we know it first hit the scene in the early 60s, the brand established itself by creating superheroes that had problems reminiscent of our own. Unlike the characters at DC, who existed as aspirational figures for children to emulate, Marvel characters aimed to reflect their readers as they were. Although people like to point to Spider-Man as the primary example of Marvel crafting a relatable hero, the famed House of Ideas also struck gold with their first creation in The Fantastic Four

For those unfamiliar with Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four grapple with many problems that regularly plague ordinary people. From bankruptcy to insecurities, the FF possesses some of the most common shortcomings of any cast of characters in fiction. However, one problem is unique to the Fantastic Four, and it can be expressed in a single question that's bedeviled comic fans for generations. How does the Thing go to the bathroom and stuff? In the video linked above, the YouTuber Mullet Man comics explains how Ben Grimm conducts his "business."