What happens when a skateboarder kickflips a friend?

"Do a kickflip." This may be a familiar phrase from a video or life. You may have seen the "do a kickflip" video series from the Berrics, featuring Eric Koston and a host of homies, including Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, and Weeman. Or maybe you've been solicited to flip that foot. A kickflip combines an ollie with a flick of your front foot, sending the stuntwood into a 360° horizontal rotating flip.

Click here for a video of "The World's best Kickflips."

"In honor of Eric Koston's birthday, The Berrics has officially declared today, April 29th, inaugural "National Do a Kickflip Day." Flick through this collection of memorable kickflips through the ages, and yell "Do a Kickflip!" at someone you love today."

So, this has evolved a bit.

What happens when you "kickflip" your friend?

The video of Evan Josef, reposted by Powell Peralta team manager, skater, and photographer Deville Nunes, begins with a proposition. "If you skate and you want to try something new. You should try kickflipping your friend." He explains the idea to his friend as a "skateboard move."

After consent to be kickflipped is verbalized, there is a quarter flip, a half-flip, a three-quarter flip, then the total 360° flip. The person being flipped hold their arms like a ballerina. I suspect that these are circus people. More accurately, acrobatic dance. Not their first rodeo flip.

Who is going to 360-flip their friend?

For a fascinating, globe-hopping interview about what it is like to be a skateboard team manager with Deville Nunes, click here. "Born to a lawyer father and a circus performer mother, skateboarder, and photographer Deville Nunes had already lived in five countries before he started skating in his teens. All these years later, he's not only team manager for the iconic Powell-Peralta, but also shoots photos and videos for the company…."