No charges for Texas man who tracked down and executed man who stole his truck

A Texas man used an Apple AirTag to track down the apparent thief of his truck, and killed him. No charges.

Police said that, at this time, they believe the car thief victim is the only person to have fired shots and could not confirm if there was more than one weapon found at the crime scene. 

The suspected thief, another man, was shot and pronounced dead, Soliz said. His identity has not been released. The car theft victim reportedly stayed at the scene of the shooting, complied with police, and was taken into custody for questioning. The shooter is not expected to face charges, Soliz said, but noted an investigation is ongoing. 

An interesting experiment in the history of the nation state is going on in Texas: what if the state had no monopoly on coercion at all, and anyone could kill anyone else suspected of a crime so long as the circumstances lent public sympathy to the killer?