Lindsey Graham begs for money as he chokes on tears in humiliating pitch (video)

Lindsey Graham dressed up as Donald Trump, sporting a new Barbie-blonde hairdo and smeared in orange bronzer as he worked himself up into an emotional lather over the former president's arrest.

The senator from South Carolina also impersonated Trump, riling up the MAGA base with outrage and lies before begging for money.

"This is selective prosecution, it's legal garbage in New York, it's politically motivated, and we do have one last chance to not become a banana republic," he said to Sean Hannity on Fox, using his best used-car-salesman pitch. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

"2024 is the most important election in my lifetime," Graham continued, channeling the conman he once called "un-American."

But before trying to swindle the mob into handing over their wallets, Graham broke character and did what Trump is incapable of, nearly breaking into tears. "I'm sorry I'm so upset," the desperate senator cried, his voice catching. "But please help president Trump. If you can afford five or ten bucks – if you can't afford a dollar, fine, just pray … And if you have any money to give, give it!"

"It doesn't go to me," the flimflam man quickly added. "It goes to helping this president and taking back the senate." If 2024 is anything like 2020, I'm not not sure how handing donations over to Trump will help "the senate." But sending donations to Graham's own website will certainly help the two-faced senator.

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