Matt Gaetz wants to segregate students from their peers who take mental health medication (video)

Qongressman Matt Gaetz has discovered the culprit to deadly shootings in America. Don't blame the daily carnage in the United States on angry shooters with access to assault weapons when the real dangers out there are kids on medication, suggests the GQP friend of the NRA. In fact, he says, we should keep our children away from students who are treated for mental health issues.

"Now we live in a world where the biggest pill mill is the school nurse's office," says Gaetz. And parents who disagree with medically treating mental illness "shouldn't have their kids in school with the most doped up generation in all of human history."

"Now we see this violence erupt at schools, and it's because the schools are the place of trauma," he says.

"And instead of dealing with that trauma … by learning sometimes that you get scrapes and bumps, and sometimes you have to work through these challenges in the absence of some sort of chemical ailment, you see more and more people returning to their place of trauma to do violence on others." (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

In other words, according to Gaetz — who was one of only 20 Republicans to vote against a bipartisan bill that addresses mental health — treatment for mental illness creates evil while a free-for-all on gun purchases and ownership is simply our benign, god-given right.

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