Texas county may close public library entirely after judge rules it can't ban books

County commissioners in Llano, Texas, wanted to remove various books from its public library, ranging from one book describing the Ku Klux Klan as terrorists to kids' fare such as "I need a new butt" and a Maurice Sendak classic. A federal judge blocked this effort, but they have a new idea: close the public library entirely. Checkmate, judge!

Leila Green Little, one of the seven local residents who successfully sued the county for banning the books, fired off an email Monday urging county residents to attend the special meeting and give the commissioners an earful.

"We may not get another opportunity to save our library system and, more importantly, the public servants who work there," Little wrote. 

Hey, for the price it costs to run the library, they can give the cops some more overtime, or some new trucks, or pay someone there to fix the "LLano" typo in their own website title page.