Transphobic Kid Rock promotes Happy Dad, only to find out they have a deal with Caitlyn Jenner (video)

In early April, a triggered Kid Rock took an assault rifle and shot up Bud Light cans in protest of the beer company's collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. To protest further, the transphobic troll tried another gotcha stunt by endorsing hard seltzer Happy Dad. But the joke's on you, kiddo — Happy Dad has been collaborating with Caitlin Jenner for years.

(See Jenner's Happy Dad video, posted by Mike Sington, below.)

From Newsweek:

The seltzer that Rock promoted over the weekend, however, also has ties to figures in the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman, has posted promotional content for Happy Dad in the past, with the seltzer brand featuring Jenner on its own social media accounts.

Last April, Happy Dad posted a video of Jenner drinking the hard seltzer with the caption, "@caitlynjenner is a Happy Dad!" The brand has also previously shared pictures of Jenner drinking Happy Dad with the company's co-founder, Canadian YouTuber Kyle Forgeard.

Front page thumbnail image: Caitlyn Jenner promoting Happy Dad