Elon Musk's AI is too woke for its target audience

If you've had the misfortune of being on X (formerly Twitter) recently, I'm so sorry. But you've also probably seen lots of posts about Grok, Elon Musk's in-house AI chatbot currently only accessible to those forking over money to him on a monthly basis.

Grok was marketed as a politically neutral AI who wouldn't capitulate to the globalists or Jewish cabals or Wikipedia editors or whatever group Musk is after this week, but its actual target audience – that being right-wing weirdos – are already clamoring for Daddy Musk to fix it… because it's not transphobic enough for their liking.

Not to worry, as Musk has already vowed to correct the "political bias" (read: basic human decency). The woke mind virus comes for us all, it seems, even those without a mind.