Lauren Boebert and Elon Musk call to defund NPR

The perpetually "pissed" Lauren Boebert — along with Elon Musk — calls to defund the FBI, er, the Department of Justice, oh wait, now it's NPR.

While gun violence, climate change, and inflation are some of the most important issues facing the U.S. today, the furious Colorado Qongresswoman is focused on something far more critical: getting revenge after NPR left Twitter.

Acting as sidekick to thin-skinned Musk, who on Wednesday tweeted, "Defund @NPR," Boebert joined in, tweeting, "I've been saying that for quite some time! Let's get it done!"

From The Hill:

NPR said it decided to stop using the platform because the "government-funded media" label undermined public trust and its editorial independence.

Twitter had initially labelled NPR's account as "state-affiliated" media, but switched to the government-funded categorization over the weekend, which it also applied to outlets including the BBC, PBS and Voice of America.

"We are not putting our journalism on platforms that have demonstrated an interest in undermining our credibility and the public's understanding of our editorial independence," NPR said in a statement Wednesday. …


Whether the billionaire and his barnacle want the government to defund NPR or the public to boycott the nonprofit media organization is unclear.