The Discovery and Warner Brothers merger bears twisted fruit with the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge

I love the smell of corporate synergy in the morning. As more details emerge about HBOMax's impending rebrand to just Max, we're starting to understand exactly how Warner Brothers and Discovery will combine their two-some would say opposing – content pools. Whereas Warner Brothers have built their legacy in scripted content with movies and television, Discovery, boasting both irredeemably trashy and vaguely educational shows, is the nucleus of the rot that is reality television. 

During the early days of the merger, rumors ran rampant that both companies were struggling to balance their divergent approaches to capturing and retaining an audience. However, we're finally getting a look at the twisted chimera of a streaming service that seems poised to rule over watercooler discourse for the next century.

In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge. The trailer is such a masterclass on product placement and corporate synergy that it could basically give its own TED talk.