AI or not? Comedian Ben Palmer's phony ChatGPT fakes out users

Ben Palmer, the hilarious mastermind behind PalmerTrolls, has taken his comedic talents to a new level by trolling people on a fake ChatGPT website made by a friend! Known for his antics as a faux-corporate rep on Facebook and an undercover journalist stirring up MLMs, Palmer now dupes unsuspecting users into thinking they're chatting with a real AI.

One commenter sums up the video: "So a person didn't want to talk to a person. So instead they contacted you, a person pretending to be a machine. But you couldn't convince them you were a person, or that comedy was a thing. So you talked to a machine, and got an answer from it and then gave that answer to another machine which poorly translated it for the person, who still thinks you're a machine because you didn't click three bicycles. Then the person thanked the machine. I think they just proved Comedy is definitely a thing. Even if you can't recognize a bicycle."