Vengeful couple racks up massive utility bill at Airbnb after cancellation denied

The owner of an Airbnb in South Korea received a massive utility bill after a disgruntled couple left the water and gas running for 25 days straight because the owner didn't honor the guests' request to cancel the booking.

The couple, visiting from China, were reportedly disappointed that the villa was located in Seoul's outer suburbs. They asked the owner if they could cancel and receive a refund, but the owner declined. That's when the couple decided to get their revenge on the owner. They turned on every water faucet, gas appliance, and electrical appliance. Then they left the villa and stayed elsewhere for the entire 25-day booking.

Upon receiving the water bill, the host found that it was five times the usual amount, with 120 tonnes of water having been wasted. The total utility bill amounted to US$1,570. The host reached out to Airbnb customer service for assistance, but the company declined to intervene, stating that the matter must be resolved between the host and the guests.

[via South China Morning Press]