Happy birthday to two awesome Mountain Goats albums!

The Mountain Goats announced yesterday on their Facebook page that on that day, April 26, two of their albums were released—The Sunset Tree in 2005, and In League with Dragons in 2019. (It also happens to be the birthday of my best friend–Happy Birthday, Jennie!).

Both albums are terrific, and each has one of my favorite Mountain Goats songs ("Up the Wolves" on The Sunset Tree, and "Possum by Night" on In League with Dragons. Go give them a listen to commemorate their birthdays! 

The Mountain Goats then ask, "What were you doing in 2005 vs. 2019?," which inspired me to find some photos from my own life to compare. The first was taken in 2005 in Athens, Georgia, and the second in Chandler, Arizona. My son sure has grown! How about you, what were you doing in 2005 vs. 2019?