The Mountain Goats rocked out during a recent set on Live on KEXP

The Mountain Goats recently stopped by the KEXP studios to record a new live performance (their last appearance on Live at KEXP was in 2019). They played four songs from their last few albums, including "Make You Suffer" (from 2022's Bleed Out), "The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums" (from 2021's Dark in Here), "Clean Slate" (from the forthcoming Jenny from Thebes), and "Hostages" (also from Bleed Out).

The set is terrific, and John Darnielle's energy is infectious, as usual. I especially loved the band jamming out on "The Slow Parts," and Darnielle playing piano on "Clean Slate." 

After the set, KEXP host Eva Walker interviews John—they talk about the new album, lucid dreaming, what it's like to revisit old work, what songs JD thinks should be sent into space on The Golden Record, and other fascinating topics. Enjoy! And head over to Merge Records if you want to pre-order the band's new album, Jenny from Thebes, which drops on October 27.