An 81-year-old woman is losing her home to a predatory lender

This is a gut-wrenching, sad story, and I hope the lawyers can find a good outcome for Rosemarie Benter. NBC Bay Area reports that confusing paperwork around a small loan against her condo to pay its' taxes have resulted in foreclosure and eviction proceedings for a long-time San Francisco homeowner.

It is monstrous that anyone would kick an elderly, disabled person out of their valuable San Francisco condominium over $13,000.00. I wish the victim had found the legal assistance group earlier in her process, as I am sure it'd have been easier to stop this before deeds had changed hands.

I hope NBC Bay Area updates this story. I may be worried about Rosemarie until we know it is worked out.

Presently, Benter said she is dealing with a host of health issues, including arthritis and the impacts of a recent stroke. In July 2021, Benter said she looked for help paying for her health expenses and property taxes. Benter said she was put in touch with a broker who pressured her into signing papers to use her home to take out a loan.

Originally, Benter said she was told that the loan would be $8,000, but the loan turned out to be more than $9,000 and then ballooned to more than $13,000 including interest and fees.

"Repeatedly I was told 'No, no, no, nobody's gonna throw you out over an eight thousand dollar note,'" Benter said.

Then in February of 2023, Benter said, "There was this knock on my door, I believe it was around 11 a.m., and the man said 'Hi I am here to repossess your home.'"

Featured Image: YouTube/NBC Bay Area