Listen to James Gunn explain what he's looking for in his Superman

One of the main things that Superman detractors fail to understand about the character is that, despite incepting the superhero genre, the Man of Steel defies superhero conventions. He is focused not of fighting crime, but helping people. If other superheroes are police officers and detectives–consider Batman–Superman is an EMT/firefighter. The character is governed by his compassion for the human race instead of operating from a sense of vengeance. 

As the pre-production for James Gunn's Superman: Legacy continues to unfold, fans have started to ask one of the most obvious questions related to the film. Who is going to play Superman? Even though Gunn has remained tight-lipped about who he has in mind to fill the Man of Tomorrow's iconic red boots, the director has delineated what he's looking for in a potential Superman actor. In the video linked above, you can hear Gunn describe what he wants his Superman to embody.