Woman can rotate her foot 180 degrees in opposite direction

Kelsey Grubb, 32, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, can rotate her right foot almost 180 degrees. That marvelous talent qualified her for a Guinness World Record. From Guinness:

Although Kelsey didn't necessarily practise or prepare for the record attempt, she figure skates as a hobby and is constantly stretching her flexibility. 

"I always knew I was flexible there but had assumed most people could turn their foot farther than 90 degrees out," she said. 

Kelsey says her special talent doesn't hurt, although she can sometimes feel it slightly in her knee and might need to rotate her foot a bit slower. 

However, she insists that it feels completely natural.

Kelsey's talent has proven to be particularly useful in her ice-skating career because she can turn around and look behind her without moving her feet, allowing her to be very aware of her surroundings.