If Duolingo came out in the eighties

In this humorous video, YouTuber Squirrel Monkey once again takes us back in time, imagining Duolingo as a 1980s software for IBM PCs. Transporting the popular language learning app to a time when it would have been distributed on floppy disks.

One commenter had some very specific notes:

Lmao the long Dutch word is literally Duolingo when it goes from "Russia – Greetings" to "Russian – Basic Phrases 1" Somehow the jump is way out of left field and goes from "hi" to "here is all of these formals based on context which all of what you knew before is now out the window".

For Korean, the voice actor sucks so you can't get passed learning the alphabet but the rest is fine

For Chinese, there gets to a point where I'm at, which is fairly far along, where the speed is rapid fire even if you slow it down

And for Czech, you go from learning how to flirt with questionable phrases like "beautiful pretty little girl" and then the next lesson puts you in your place with "She's a woman, not a machine"