Texas mass shooting suspect found and arrested, along with those allegedly hiding him

Francisco Oropesa, suspect in the killing of 5 people in a San Jacinto County mass shooting, was arrested Tuesday evening in Cut and Shoot, Texas. A number of other people were also taken into custody, alleged to have helped him hide out there.

The sheriff confirmed it was Oropesa who was spotted on Monday on Highway 105 East near Security Landfill Road. "We did confirm that was him on foot running, but we lost track of him. That was not a false alarm, that was him," Kean said. Authorities said Oropesa had a cellphone with him when he was found and that the people he had been contacting never left the area. "Anybody that helped this maniac definitely has some kind of issues as far as I'm concerned," Kean said. The search for him began on Saturday in Cleveland, Texas, after the shooting unfolded on Friday evening when neighbors asked Oropesa to stop shooting his AR-15 in his yard because a newborn was trying to sleep, authorities said.

He was found hiding in a closet "underneath a pile of laundry," reports ABC News.