Hey Brickey's Disneyland design videos

I am a huge fan of the Hey Brickey! video series on Disneyland design. Brickey's enthusiasm, knowledge, and eye for design are all put on fantastic display by his top notch filming and editing skills. Here be some high-quality Disneyland vlogger stuff!

Brickey's love of the Galaxy's edge spaceport control tower, which is what I've always imagined that tower to be, is pure joy. I also love looking at this part of the park and enjoying how the Imagineers have integrated all the sight lines, never ruining or breaking a land's continuity but letting mystery and intrigue creep in, in glimpses. He examines the building from every angle he's able.

The Galaxy's Edge video, however, is an extension of this brilliant analysis of how Disneyland uses keyholes. It is easy to go down the rabbit hole of Brickey's channel.