Ken Jennings returns to host 'Jeopardy!,' crossing picket line in the process

"Who is a scab?"

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik, in solidarity with striking WGA writers, stepped down from hosting the hit quiz show this week. Ken Jennings, Jeopardy!'s alternate host and past champion, then stepped up to take on hosting duties for the season's final week of filming from May 16 to 19. In doing so, he crossed the writers strike picket line. Disappointing!


Jeopardy!, which is produced by Sony Pictures Television, is a WGA show and features contributions from WGA writers, but the questions were written in advance of a season and the strike.

Bialik and Jennings have shared hosting duties this season; Jennings hosted the first stretch of episodes between August and December with Bialik starting in January. Jennings will now host the last week before the summer hiatus as a result of Bialik's decision.

This all comes as all of the Jeopardy! writers, including Michele Loud, Jim Rhine and Billy Wisse, have joined the picket lines as part of the WGA strike.

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