These indigenous Irish goats are also adorable firefighters

RTÉ has a delightful new piece about a family of fire-fighting goats in Ireland. You read that right! These goats are the GOAT not just because they are the only goat breed indigenous to the island, but also because they are help stop the spread of wildfires.

From the article:

The groundbreaking project is part of efforts to save Ireland's only indigenous goat breed from extinction.

The Howth Head herd has been deployed to protect the priority heathland habitat and surrounding homes from wildfires, which are seen as an increasing risk because of climate change.

The goats do this by reducing gorse cover and creating natural firebreaks.

"They're just the best animals to do this job. They contain the firebreaks naturally without the need for machinery or pesticides. They're safeguarding this habitat and the homes here," Melissa explains.

The local county council is also holding a contest to name the last 5 of the 37 new goat kids. Some of the GOAT names that went to their siblings include names include Uisce (Irish for water); three named after the Irish goddesses Fódhla, Banba and Ériu; and the twins Aiteann (Irish for gorse) and Fraoch (Irish for heather).