Get a charger, phone stand, flashlight, and more with this incredible 8-in-1 keyring

TL;DR: The WonderCube Pro All-In-One Mobile Keyring is a tiny device that acts as multiple iPhone accessories: a charger, phone stand, memory card, and even a flashlight! Typically selling for $70, it's now on sale for only $48.99.

Most people bring their phones everywhere they go, and while mobile devices are light enough to do that, it's usually not so simple to bring our favorite phone accessories along with us. Multiple charging cables, USB cards, and other necessary phone add-ons make such a mess in our bags and can be too inconvenient and cumbersome to carry. That's where the WonderCube Pro comes in.

This tool is positively tiny but packs a serious punch. The WonderCube is actually eight iPhone accessories in one! You can charge your phone with it, store files on the built-in micro-SD reader, and balance it on a stand ā€” the list of unique WonderCube functions goes on and on. 

And while all those accessories together would cost a pretty penny, the WonderCube is now on sale at an incredible price. Typically costing $70, it's now only $48.99. You won't find better pricing on the web, and there's no need for a coupon, either.

Here's what to expect from the WonderCube:

  • A charger that works with both Android and Apple devices and acts fast;
  • A built-in USB cord for when you need to connect;
  • An OTG USB that works as a USB flash drive;
  • A phone stand to keep your phone propped up while you work;
  • A LED torch to light up the dark (especially useful for camping);
  • A built-in micro-SD card reader with 128Gb;
  • And so much more.

It's no wonder multiple outlets are raving about the WonderCube and its various capabilities. Forbes called it "Clean, minimalist, and timeless," while Gearhungry raved, "Keychain-sized cables, we've seen. WonderCube outclasses them all with its extensive list of functions." iBlastPhone even labeled it a "must have accessory."

Focus on minimalism and grab a smartphone accessory that can do it all.

Grab the WonderCube Pro All-In-One Mobile Keyring now for just $48.99 (reg. $70).

Prices subject to change.