Watch 'Schoolhouse Rock!' legends sing 'Conjunction Junction' live in the mid-1990s

Legendary Schoolhouse Rock! jazz greats, Bob Dorough and Jack Sheldon, may have passed from this world, but their music lasts and lasts. Watch their performance of "Conjunction Junction," a piece they composed for "Grammar Rock" in 1973, as they perform it live on KTLA's morning TV show in the mid-nineties.

The clip comes from the animator who brought us Johnny Bravo, Van Partible, who was in the studio the day this was recorded. He writes, "You can see myself and my friend Jennie Korneychuk behind the scenes on the cutaway shot."

Ready to take a trip down memory lane and/or a persistent earworm? Here's the original animated "Conjunction Junction" that many of us watched as kids on Saturday mornings:

(Everlasting Blort)