Churro-flavored Kit Kat drops on International Churro Day, June 6

June 6 is International Churro Day, a day to celebrate the delightful, sweet, crunchy, deep-fried treat. International Days explains:

June 6th is Churro Day, dedicated to a crunchy sweet consisting of fried dough from Spain and Portugal and eaten in former colonies such as Latin America and the Philippines. Churros are devoured for breakfast or snack and dipped in chocolate, dulce de leche, or even café con leche. Some say that Spanish shepherds began to make churros to substitute for fresh baked goods unavailable up in the mountains.

This year, in addition to eating an actual churro, you can also try a new limited edition churro-flavored Kit Kat. The press release from the Hershey Company describes the new flavor, which is:

… a delightful homage to the beloved dessert that brings back memories of summer no matter where you are in the world – pairing that signature churro taste with the familiar crunch of a KIT KAT® bar. Much like the freshly baked, sweet, doughy treat, KIT KAT® Churro features buttery churro-flavored creme with sugar mixed between the brand's fan-favorite wafers. The new product will be on shelves nationwide just in time for National Churro Day on June 6. KIT KAT® Churro will be available in standard, king, and snack size, which are perfect for sharing or just a fast break.

I'm a big churro fan. The best I've had was in Puebla, Mexico. I'm not sure a Kit Kat could compare.