Lizzo delivers energetic 'Proud Mary' in honor of Tina Turner: 'I would not exist if it was not for the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll'

On the same day that Tina Turner's death was announced, Lizzo honored the trailblazing rock 'n' roll legend on stage in Phoenix. Delivering a stirring rendition of Turner's song "Proud Mary," Lizzo paid homage to the late superstar, acknowledging the immense impact Turner had in paving the way for Black women in music.


"Today, we lost an icon," Lizzo said prior to cooly crooning the intro to the song. "And I haven't allowed myself to be sad. I haven't allowed myself to cry about it. And I don't want to right now because I'd much rather celebrate the incredible legend Tina Turner is. As a Black girl in a rock band, I would not exist if it was not for the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll."

Masking her emotions behind sparkling sequins, big Tina-esque hair, and an emphatic chant of "There is no rock 'n' roll without Tina Turner," Lizzo then ripped the bottom half of her costume off, and worked her way into the classic and recognizable "Proud Mary" dance.

Lizzo's "Special" tour continues through July 30.