What was this mystery boom that shook South Carolina on Tuesday? (video)

A massive boom rattled residents of South Carolina on Tuesday. The rumble was reported by residents of Greenville, Columnioa, and Charleston but authorities have been unable to identify the source. You can hear one doorbell cam recording of it above. The US Geological Survey did not measure any significant seismic activity. The US Coast Guard were conducting training exercises in the area but they said the timing of the boom didn't align with their operations. From Fox35Orlando:

The ruling out of potential causes leaves open the possibility that a meteor could be behind the brief rumble.

Fireballs have previously triggered sonic booms and are often difficult to detect.

The American Meteor Society has not reported any witness accounts in the Southeast of a fireball. So far, forecasters have not spotted any indications on satellite that one streaked through the sky. 

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is continuing to investigate the matter.

image: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock