Anti-Trans legislator is schooled on his ignorance and cruelty

The Missouri House of Representatives was the stage for a fantastic display of one lawmaker refusing to let another's transphobic bills go unaddressed. Democrat Peter Merideth pretty much took anti-trans Republican majority floor leader Jonathan Patterson by the ear and yelled the truth at him.

This is six minutes worth watching, however, Patterson displays the usual lack of understanding the GOP achieves before moving forward with their hateful legislation. His refusal to listen eventually tires Merideth out.


Missouri Rep. Peter Merideth brutally dismantles anti-trans Republican Jonathon Patterson. Merideth points out how Missouri are pushing an anti-trans bill that will not only ban gender-affirming care for minors, but it will also alienate and hurt kids in the long run. Peter Merideth refuses to remain silents and allow the Missouri Republicans to push transphobic bills.