Artist Walker Babington is selling his snailboat

If you've ever wanted a snailboat, now's your chance! Walker Babington, who describes himself as an "actor, stunt performer, and creatively-destructive artist," is selling his snailboat for two thousand dollars. Yesterday, he announced the sale on his Facebook, explaining:

Hey Nola!

I've finally squared with the fact that I can't keep our beloved snailboat in my studio any longer 😕

I built it on a borrowed trailer, only intending for it to roll on Mardi Gras before disassembling, but it was too cute, so we kept it intact for Easter, but now I need the space & gotta return or buy the trailer, so imma take her apart…

UNLESS! someone wants to buy it?

If anyone's looking to be the proud owner of a weirdass, bike-powered, one-of-a-kind custom vessel that holds up to 8 kids (or more. There's a secret upper deck inside the shell!), lemme know! 

Asking $2000, which basically covers the cost of the trailer rig & materials. 

Can be towed behind a car or bike!

If you want to see a photo of the snailboat, check out his Instagram. It's really quite delightful—I sure hope it goes to an awesome new owner. Something tells me it will!