MAD's Mort Drucker back on newsstands

It's sad that a few years ago MAD magazine folded (and I don't mean Al Jaffee's insanely clever last page). There are no more new issues with fresh material as MAD has been putting out collections of reprinted bits, usually themed around one topic or another. The reissue on newsstands now is "MAD Spoofs Star Wars and Other SCI-FI" with TEN reprints of MAD's movie parodies, all drawn by Mort Drucker!

Drucker was easily MAD's most talented caricaturist. Even when the writing was corny or the movie parodies a little predictable, Drucker's fantastic drawing alone made each issue worthwhile, so to have ten Mort's masterpieces in one MAD—marvelous!

Here's a tribute from MAD when Mort Drucker died in 2020.