Indiana man arrested for threatening congressman and family bears an uncanny resemblance to Soyjak

Aaron L. Thompson (34) of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was arrested and charged with intimidation and harassment for allegedly threatening Congressman Jim Banks and his family.

Mr. Thompson allegedly left threatening messages on Banks's office voicemail at least eight times in April, according to The Indiana Capital Chronicle:

In an interview with the United States Capitol Police, Thompson admitted to being intoxicated and calling Banks because he disagreed with his political views. In his messages, Thompson said he owned a gun as allowed by the Constitution and told Banks to choose between himself or his daughters, according to the June 2 filing.

"Here's the choice. Your daughters grow up without their dad or you grow old without your daughters," Thompson allegedly said. "… boom, boom you pick …"

To Banks specifically, Thompson said he hoped the representative died in a car crash or "(got) his brains blown out," in an expletive-filled series of messages.

As others have pointed out, Mr. Thompson is the living embodiment of Soyjak, a drawing of a man found in internet memes.