Abusive Marjorie Taylor Greene treats witness like a criminal in cringeworthy exchange (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene angrily interrogated a witness today on the House floor during the second Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment hearing. And her "questioning" bordered on harassment. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

As constitutional law professor Deborah Pearlstein sat in the hot seat, the high-and-not-so-mighty Congress bully spat out ridiculous questions, accusations, and assumptions for more than two minutes straight. And she made sure to interrupt the witness every single time the professor tried to speak.

For example, "Is it Joe Biden's policy — the administration's policy — or is it [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas?" Greene sharply asked at one point, reducing the complex root of the "border crisis" to a simple either-or cause.

"The Constitution, no matter what…" Pearlstein began to answer before Greene stomped on her words. "Ms. Pearlstein, I asked you a question. Is it the Biden administration or Secretary Mayorkas? Not the Constitution!"

"Are you capable of answering the question?" Greene asked condescendingly, after a rambling lecture.

"I'm not sure — those were about four questions," the exasperated witness began, before Greene cut her off again. "No! It's one or the other. Biden … or Secretary Mayorkas."

At this point, Pearlstein was no longer even sure what they were still talking about. "One or the other what? Who caused it?"

As one commenter put it, "I wouldn't put up with her shit. No witness should have to."

"No one should have to sit there and take her abuse. And that's what it is," said another.

Why Congress lets Madge off her leash is nothing short of embarrassing.