Oregon man arrested after rigging inventive booby traps in home, one of which shot an FBI agent

Gregory Lee Rodvelt, a 71-year-old man from southern Oregon, was found guilty by a federal jury in Medford for multiple crimes related to booby-trapping a home. When bomb technicians from the Oregon State Police and the FBI went to the house, they discovered various traps and security measures set up by Rodvelt, including steel animal traps affixed to a gate post and under the hood of the minivan, spike strips, and a modified rat trap connected to the garage door.

The Department of Justice press release highlighted the most inventive trap, which involved a hot tub placed on its side and rigged in such a way that opening a gate would activate a mechanical trigger, causing the spa to roll toward the person opening the gate.

Rodvelt was arrested when an FBI bomb technician opened the front door, triggering a homemade shotgun device connected to a wheelchair. The device discharged a .410 shotgun shell, resulting in an injury to the technician.

This week, Rodvelt was found guilty of assaulting a federal officer and using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.