Free-roaming, dancing Baby Groot robot debuts at Disneyland test

Disney Imagineers have developed a audio-animatronic robot Baby Groot that can walk (barely) and dance. It's currently being tested a limited-access short presentation called Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance Off at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

According to @ScottGustin, Disney says, ""There are no immediate plans for use in Disney theme parks; however, a prototype in the form of Groot is being used to test unique traits, gaits and capabilities."

To see Baby Groot dance, blink, emote, and even shuffle around on stage, see this video.

Audio-animatronic technology has come a long way since audiences gasped when Abraham Lincoln stood up from a chair at the Disney-created Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the 1964 Worlds Fair.