Hundreds of vampires discovered in mass grave

Road workers in Luzino, Poland uncovered a startling find on Kościelna Street adjacent to a church: more than 400 human skeletons that had been decapitated. WTF? Researchers believe this to be a mass grave for vampires. Don't worry too much though, these bloodsuckers lived more than 200 years ago and had been decapitated to prevent them from coming back to bite us.

"We discovered examples of belief in the dead returning from the grave, which could only be stopped by decapitation," Maciej Stromski, who is leading the excavation, told

From the New York Post:

Stromski told The Post that 20-30% of the recently discovered bodies had bricks next to their head, arms and legs. A coin was placed in each mouth, with one dating back to 1846.

The coin apparently sealed in the person's soul and gave them currency to travel to the afterlife.