Conservative conference declares women to be the root of all evil, demands they give up hope (and their bodies)

TurningPoint USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit sounds like a horror show. Speakers ranging from Candace Owens to Marjorie Taylor Green were there to tell women to give up on hopes of being whomever they want or to live their lives to their fullest. I don't understand how this helps convince conservative women. I thought cults indoctrinated people by making things sound attractive and welcoming on the inside. Their reality sounds like hell on earth.

Jezebel points out the conference primarily consisted of career-working women telling women not to work, and if they do it is the end of America and American-ism. The conference's host, Alex Clark, suggested women forego any ideas of self and make babies after finding a husband. Birth control was also discussed as verboten. It seems like the role of women in TPUSA's version of society is well-defined.

These are the same people whose definition of a "man" is a jackass with a tiki torch.


This past weekend marked the conservative organization Turning Point USA's annual Young Women's Leadership Summit. Over the course of three days, as Media Matters' Madeline Peltz reported, a stacked roster of some of the worst people on the internet offered some variation of the same speech imploring young attendees to give up their career aspirations and their birth control. The Daily Wire's Candace Owens literally wrapped up the convention by telling attendees, "Every ill that we are fighting right now in society has been brought forth by women."

Meanwhile, Clark, who opened the conference on its first day, dedicated most of her stage-time to ill-received tangents on the supposed evils of hormonal birth control and daycare. "Who in this room has decided to ditch hormonal birth control?" she asked. After "very few hands went up," per Peltz, Clark repeated the question: "How many of you are considering ditching hormonal birth control?" Even fewer hands.

Clark has dedicated much of her podcasting and social media activity to spreading disinformation about birth control and advocating "natural" methods that are scientifically unsound. She said at the summit that once women do have children, they should rearrange their lives to raise them on their own and avoid the supposed evils of daycare. "The feminist movement gave way to the notion that a woman could have her cake and eat it too," Clark said, telling attendees it's "a lie to tell women that we can have it all."