Pixar's Elio makes first contact with a new teaser trailer

Few studios can go hit for hit with Pixar. Since the animation house's first film in 1995's Toy Story, Pixar, and high-quality entertainment have become synonymous. 

Through a deft mixture of cutting-edge animation and intricately crafted screenplays replete with emotional depth and charming characters, Pixar has broken barriers in animation. Before 2009 the prestigious Academy Awards had only ever nominated one animated feature for best picture. By 2011, the number increased to three, with 2009's Up and 2010's Toy Story 4. When it comes to animation, Pixar is in a league of its own. 

In the last handful of years, Pixar has stumbled slightly. 2022's Lightyear, a spin-off of the ever-popular Toy Story franchise, had an underwhelming box office run and opened to mediocre reviews. And with their new film Elemental garnering equally lukewarm reviews, it's safe to say that Pixar needs a win. Hopefully, their upcoming movie Elio, featured in the trailer linked above, can help reestablish Pixar's prestige.