MAGA fan outside indictment proves boxes are not really in Donald Trump's bathroom (video)

A MAGA fanatic standing outside the Trump indictment on Tuesday proved to the Good Liars' Jason Selvig that Donald Trump did not mishandle classified documents.

"I know he's not a pig. I know he's not a messy person," said the character witness, before launching into the hard facts.

"He had all them documents that were stored in a secure area that had two Secret Service agents standing at that door. The door was locked," she said.

But Selvig wasn't satisifed, whipping out the infamous photograph of Donald Trump's bathroom toilet surrounded by government boxes. "The secure area? Are you talking about the bathroom it was in?"

"No, that's bullshit. None of that stuff would have been in the bathroom," the woman said. And then she cleared things up, Q- style. "That looks like Biden's house." (See video below, posted by The Good Liars.)

Top image: Justice Department