1.76-pound, 5.26-inch kidney stone wins two world records

Here's an honor no-one wants. A 62-year-old retired Sri Lankan soldier, Canistus Coonghe, scored two Guinness World Records for having both the largest and heaviest kidney stone ever recorded. The massive stone, larger than Coonghe's kidney itself, measured 5.26 inches in length and 4.15 inches in width, breaking the previous world record held since 2004. In addition to its remarkable size, the kidney stone also set a record in weight, tipping the scales at 1.76 lbs., approximately the weight of five baseballs!

On June 1, the stone was identified and successfully removed in an open pyelolithotomy by the urological team at Army Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Despite the unusual and significant blockage, Coonghe's kidney was functioning normally, and his recovery is reported to be going well.

If you'd like to see the massive stone, go here. (Neatorama)