Exploring America's abandoned malls

North Eastern Ohio is a great place to explore abandoned malls (at your own risk). In this episode of Vice TV, we see the ruinous insides of a mall that was once bustling with consumerism. The inside of the mall is quite eerie, filled with dirty pools of water, broken walls, and trash. We also hear stories, both sweet ones and horrific ones, from people who frequented these spots when they were up and running.

 At one point in the video, the explorers discover what looks like the top of a human head poking out of a pool of dirty water. They poke it with a stick and decide it's probably just a dead animal before leaving it be. 

 One of the explorers in the video explains that if you get hurt while wandering around in one of these abandoned malls, there's not going to be anyone around to help. It's probably a good idea to go in a group, or at least let a friend know where you'll be exploring.

From youtube:

"Welcome to Northeastern Ohio – the mecca of abandoned shopping malls. Rick visits these crumbling capitalist cathedrals to explore the aftermath with their most loyal customers.

This episode of Abandoned first aired on VICE TV in 2016.

00:00 Intro

01:34 From Boom to Bust

08:09 A Shopper's Graveyard

19:44 The Silicon Valley of Yesterday

24:25 Going to Church

31:41 Ghost Mall"