Typefaces based on the London Underground's dot matrix train signs

The London TFL Dot Matrix Typeface recreates the legible but slightly odd (what with its baselines) text used on the London Underground's dot matrix signage, with more fonts for other uses found on the world's oldest subway system. Sean Petykowski made them by scouring videos and photos found online.

A set of dot matrix fonts in the style of TFL's Underground network. Each font weight represents a unique typeface featured on TFL arrivals boards and rolling stock led announcement boards.

Excellent work! The agencies involved have a strong tradition of type design so it's not surprising there's interest in replicating their work, but it's a little surprising it isn't already publicly available in some way. Petykowski's work strikes me as timely, too, as it can't be long before the "dot matrix" signage is replaced with something more modern and high-definition.