Assistant coach at a Texas university caught having affair with student — too bad his wife was the head coach

An assistant bowling coach at Stephen F. Austin University worked with his wife — who happened to be the bowling program's head coach — until he was caught having an affair with a student athlete. Offered a choice to resign or get fired, he chose to resign. And, needless to say, his boss quickly filed for divorce.

Rather than seem embarrassed or apologetic for his inappropriate behavior, however, the 38-year-old gentleman instead seemed resentful of his wife's career.

"I was the stay-at-home dad for five years with the kids while Amber got to go off and coach the team, and when she'd get back, I'd run practices on top of taking care of the kids while she was back," he cried to The Daily Sentinel. "When they'd travel again, I would sit back and take care of the kids. Then when I got hired on, she almost forced me to run practices. I was a volunteer the entire time before that trying to help out Amber. Once I got hired on, one thing stemmed from another. I felt like I was doing too much for what I was being valued at."

And when asked how the affair was discovered, the former assistant coach explained that his wife had seen a text from the student that "was just about how amazing I am, basically." Amazing, indeed.

From AP News:

The 38-year-old Lemke, who is married to head coach Amber Lemke, helped coach the team to two national titles and two second-place finishes before resigning April 10. The couple has since filed for divorce, according to court records. …

Steve Lemke said his wife learned of the relationship when she saw text messages from the woman on his phone.

"I knew it was kind of a no-no, but there's not a rule saying it can't happen," Steve Lemke said. "There's not a law saying I'm going to go to jail for doing something like this. There's nothing in stone. I guess it's just an ethics code, like we frown upon it, but there's no rule, there's no law broken."

The student involved in the affair is no longer on the team after exhausting her eligibility.