Adam Sandler has officially passed the mantle of Happy Gilmore down to a real-life teenage golfer

According to Deadline, Adam Sandler is a fan of a real-life golfer that uses his former moniker, Happy Gilmore.

Depending on your age bracket, Adam Sandler was either extremely funny at one point in your life, or he never was. Like all Saturday Night Live alums, Sandler's run on the program simultaneously exists in the eyes of fans as either the best period in the show's history or the exact moment the entire franchise went downhill. However, few SNL mainstays became as controversial as Adam Sandler, as his brand of loud, crass, and oftentimes "nonsensical" humor catered almost exclusively to fans in his age range and younger. 

In the world of film, Sandler's career is equally polarizing. To a certain segment of fans, Sandler's run from Billy Madison to the Waterboy is the apex of the comedy portion of his filmography. Between Billy Madison and Waterboy exists arguably one of Sandler's most popular and memeable films of all time, Happy Gilmore. Apparently, the film is not only quotable but highly influential, as a real-life teenage golfer has adopted Sandler's disused moniker in tournaments. 

Adam Sandler took to Twitter Friday to salute a high school golfer who has adopted the name of Happy Gilmore, a 1996 film starring Sandler in the title role.

The teen Gilmore came to public attention with the announcement that he'll attend Indiana's Ball State University and compete on the school's golf team.

"Go get em Happy," Sandler wrote on Friday. "Pulling for you." 

The film Happy Gilmore portrayed a high-strung hockey player who joins the pro golf tour to save his grandmother's house.

The teen Happy Gilmore, whose real name is Landon, adopted "Happy" as a nickname when he began to compete in tournaments.