1981 Hewlett Packard workstation restored

Tech Tangents procured and restored a $25,000 HP Series 200 workstation from the early 1980s. It had a 32-bit CPU and 2.8Mb of RAM, way ahead of anything contemporary that one might call a personal computer. It had a version of Pac Man you can play, though the typical use case back then was cutting-edge CAD.

The HP 9836 computer is incredible, expensive, uncommon, and unknown. I am so excited to have this one and thrilled to get it up and running!

Wild how incompatible and dissimilar different generations of these amazingly expensive machines were. Big "pay us and fuck you" vibes from 1980s Hewlett Packard! That spinner is delightful, too. All keyboards should have one; Logitech makes something similar nowadays, for $250.