Planned Parenthood issues travel advisory warning pregnant women to stay out of Tennessee

Tennesee has passed a near-total ban on abortion; exceptions are made for few and specific cases, making Tennessee a far more dangerous place for women to be pregnant. While abortions can be performed, in some cases, to save a mother's life, it is not a foregone conclusion.

Planned Parenthood of Tennessee has issued a travel advisory warning pregnant folks away from the state.

Raw Story:

Ashley Coffield, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, told the Tennessee Lookout that Tennessee is now 'more dangerous and more deadly' for pregnant people.

"One year ago, Tennessee faced an instant health emergency for pregnant people when we became a forced birth state," Coffield said. "It is more dangerous and more deadly to be pregnant in Tennessee… If you're pregnant, you shouldn't travel here. If you live here, you might have to travel out of state for life-saving care."

She predicted a battle for other rights in Tennessee.

"The government seizure of bodily autonomy is bigger than abortion," she said, pointing out that state lawmakers are already discussing limits to contraceptive access and other reproductive care.